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Brookdale Plastics uses speed, accuracy and innovation to create solid 3D prototypes and tooling for your custom thermoformed plastic packaging.
Tooling & Prototyping

The only thing you should need to care about when it comes to tooling is that it works.  Everyone at Brookdale Plastics understands this - from sales to engineering to production.

In engineering, we use Pro-E cad software combined with Solid Works 3D modeling to make tooling design an exact science, eliminating repeated prototyping and saving you time.

In the shop, we've standardized our tooling so any mold can work in any press.  Your production job will not wait in line.  Our proprietary master tooling system allows the majority of our change-overs to be done without tools in minutes.

While all of this is behind the scenes, we wanted to show you just how far we've gone to get your job into production faster.

Brookdale Plastics has invested in prototyping technology as few other firms in our industry have.  Our 3D rapid prototyping machine creates prototype molds for us to use when we develop your custom packaging design.

We have dedicated prototype manufacturing presses in the shop staffed by specialists who work with the engineering team to create innovative tooling designs for your specific needs.

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