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Brookdale Plastics creates custom thermoformed plastic packaging in a variety of materials including in PVC, HIPS, PETG, RPET, HDPE, PP for your products.
Custom Thermoforming

Brookdale Plastics means custom.  Custom thermoforming is the process of heating a plastic sheet and using vacuum and pressure assistance to shape it over a custom designed mold, called vacuforming. The molded plastic parts are then cut, trimmed and assembled into packaging designed specifically for your product.
Brookdale Plastics means options. We can recommend materials that best suit your individual application.
Brookdale Plastics means choice. We thermoform a wide variety of materials including poly-vinyl chloride (PVC), high impact polystyrene (HIPS), PETG, recycled PET (RPET), high density polyethylene (HDPE), and polypropylene (PP) in gauge & material thicknesses ranging from .0075" to .060". And we manufacture part sizes up to 37" x 57" with heights of up to 6".
Furthermore, we have engineered stability and predictability into our thermoforming process:
  • Digital information is transferred to the shop with our Vista document management system. No paper drawings or documents means no missed changes, no mis-read numbers and no mistakes.
  • Every press operator has a computer terminal at their station with full documentation and quality assurance inspection criteria.
  • We’ve engineered thermal stability into our tooling to create predictability. And predictability means a steady stream of finished packaging exactly as you approved it with few rejects.
We’re proud of our people and the technology at their command; work with Brookdale Plastics and enjoy options, choice and custom solutions for your packaging needs!

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