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Environmentally-conscious packaging practices including precision manufacturing, re-use, RPET and recycling from Brookdale Plastics saves the earth and saves you money.

Engineering in sustainability
Brookdale Plastics has a dedicated plastic recycling department. Every piece of plastic that comes through our doors either becomes packaging or is recycled. That means zero waste for the planet and "green" sustainability for you. We can also use recycled/reprocessed PET in our thermoforming process.

Engineering out waste
Sustainability is also about efficient engineering design so that the absolute minimum of material is used to accomplish a client's packaging goals. With our advanced 3D modeling capabilities and T-Sim computerized thermoforming simulation software, we engineer out the waste from the start. Our dedication to sustainable, lean manufacturing practices saves you money.

Energy Cost Reduction
To reduce energy costs, Brookdale Plastics ran a compressed air study at our facility, measuring the demand requirements of our air compressors. After all the data was analyzed we added almost 2000 gallons of dry air storage and a demand expansion valve, reducing the shock load to the compressors. This provides a constant pressure to our machines allowing us to improve our process. We also added a dual control to our second stage compressor, which allows the compressor to cycle on and off only when demand is present, providing substantial savings. This plan has reduced energy costs by 36% per year. Because BPI invested in the air study, we received a rebate from our local electrical company for capital equipment purchased for this project.

Also, we have recently installed a central process tank for our chilled water system. The chillers are now staged, so chillers will only run as demand requires, providing additional energy cost savings. Since the tank has its own separate process and evaporator pumps, water returning from the process is pre cooled in the tank by the water coming from the chiller. This means the mechanical chillers don’t have to work as hard to cool the process water, saving energy.

In other words, helping to save the planet also saves our clients money.

With our dedication to sustainability and efficiency, saving you money and saving the planet are two sides of the same goal at Brookdale Plastics.

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