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Learn the process of custom thermoforming and why using high-quality custom thermoformed plastic packaging from Minneapolis

Tooling design is a critical element to a successful thermoformed part. But repeated prototype re-design can add cost and use valuable time. In engineering, we use Pro-E cad software combined with Solid Works 3D to make tooling design an exact science.
However, the production process is where “the rubber meets the road” or more accurately, “the plastic meets the mold.”
Brookdale Plastics uses in-line thermoformers for the inherent advantages over traditional vacuum forming. In-line thermoforming uses a “pressure box” and forming pressure to accelerate the forming process enabling production rates far exceeding traditional vacuum forming. Our advanced technology in thermo and vacuforming makes us a leader in short run thermoformed plastic.
A continuous web of material is transferred into an oven where it is heated to forming temperature. Once it is up to forming temperature, it is then formed onto the mold.
Male mold cavities are used in concert with grid assists (a mechanical frame that presses hot sheet against a multi-cavity mold) and female mold cavities are used with plug assists (a mechanical device used to aid or assist sheet stretching prior to total contact with the mold).
After forming the part, it is cooled into a rigid structure which is then die cut, separating it from the web.
The machine technician will vigorously inspect individual parts for defects as well as measure any critical dimensions defined by the customer quality control specifications or statistical process (SPC) data.
Lastly, parts are nested and packed in cartons per customer requirements. Carton labeling includes lot traceability and bar-coding.

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