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Design & Engineering

Okay, we admit it. We are really proud of our  industry leading 3D Design and Engineering capabilities. 

How proud? We put our new 3D rapid prototyping machine in our lobby so even our visitors can watch it produce 3D molds.

But that’s not the only amazing technology we have at Brookdale Plastics. Innovation has almost become a way of life here. Our engineers use Pro-E computer aided design in combination with Solid Works 3D modeling software to digitally recreate your part, your packaging and our tooling.

And then we use T-Sim Thermoforming digital simulation software to test our design before production tooling is ever produced, saving you valuable prototyping time.

What does all this technological muscle mean for you?

It wouldn’t mean a thing if we didn’t have the kind of people who can make it work for you. Technology is just a tool. It can make us faster, more efficient, more precise. But it’s the talented people behind the technology that makes Brookdale Plastics the kind of firm you want working on your plastic packaging.

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