ISO certified, cutting-edge design and engineering team, rapid prototyping, clean rooms and more capabilities of custom thermoformed plastic packaging company Brookdale Plastics.
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At Brookdale Plastics, we capitalize on the biggest advantages a firm with a customer focus can offer you:

Speed, agility and one-to-one service.

What does that mean to you?
  • When you have packaging questions you get an immediate response from our design team
  • Our engineering and technical team works directly with you so you are always in the loop
  • Our digital document management system means midstream changes are managed quickly and efficiently between you, our engineering team and our production team so your project stays on track, on budget and on time
  • When you need parts now, we have the flexibility to get your parts quickly into production
How do we do it?
  • We use 3D solid modeling to go straight from your 3D part design to our 3D packaging design
  • Our rapid prototyping capabilities create test parts and tooling designs on-site and quickly get prototype packaging into your hands for testing and approval
  • Because our tooling is standardized, we can run any job in any machine; your packaging gets into production at the very next opportunity
  • We also cross-train our production team for maximum manufacturing flexibility
If ESD or static electricity is an issue for your products, we have decades of experience thermoforming plastics with these properties:
  • Conductive
  • Anti-static
  • Static dissipative

Work with us; you’ll have a team that’s focused on working with you and offers speed, agility and one-to-one service.

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